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Service Funds, as it has been established, align financial incentives of the health plan and the provider organization. Health Plans extend Medical Loss Ratio or MLR targets to provider groups to engage them in active management of membership panels.

VBC Revenue Recovery’s Revenue Cycle Analytics provides healthcare provider organizations with “real time” and historical insight into billing, collections, denials and staff productivity across the entire revenue cycle.

VBC Revenue Recovery aggregates disparate patient accounting data, payer remittances, collector workstation activity, and third-party information to proactively identify trends, bottlenecks and black hole accounts.

Using a proprietary business rules engine, VBC Revenue Recovery enables business office staff to intelligently prioritize account follow-up activities and standardize best-practice workflows to maximize net revenue and cash acceleration.

VBC Revenue Recovery has helped IPAs and Medical groups recover millions of otherwise lost revenue. We have a powerful track record of recovering both commercial and Medicare Transfer DRG and IME underpayments for providers across the region.

VBC Revenue Recovery utilizes its proprietary software to immediately and efficiently work through the identification and follow-up tasks required to validate the accuracy of commercial and Medicare/Medicaid billing, to ensure compliance and to make final determination of various underpayments.

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Correcting the various underpayment mistakes requires an in-depth analysis of all services according to the complex terms of today's health care contracts. Utilizing a balanced approach of proprietary analytics and experienced auditors, VBC Revenue Recovery identifies missing money from inaccurately billed and inaccurately paid claims. This retrospective review incorporates innovative discovery methods, team experience and established payer relationships. VBC Revenue Recovery delivers the ultimate contractual underpayment assessment by building your contract calculation models and importing your claims data. This assures a quality assessment of existing payer audit systems and processes. In addition to collecting the identified underpayments, VBC Revenue Recovery’s analytics reveals error issues and process improvement opportunities so you avoid future underpayment losses.

As a contingency-based review or full scale engagement, VBC Revenue Recovery's team is result oriented. We stand by our system and out team and their unparalleled experience and capabilities in data analysis, patient account administration, managed care contracting, coding and government reimbursement.

Engaging VBC Revenue Recovery for a retrospective recovery review provides at the very least "peace of mind" that accurate payment for all services is taking place. VBC Revenue Recovery can provides an ad hoc review of past claims for billing and coding inconsistencies. As part of our process, VBC Revenue Recovery not only audits behind your process but also communicates identified trends so you can adjust your processes for even more timely and accurate internal audits. This can have a significant impact on your cash flow within weeks, improve your balance sheet, P&L and ultimately the bottom line.