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VBCRR's team of experts offer the most cutting edge and thorough service to produce savings for companies in time and money. If we don't recover over-payments and/or reduce your costs, there is no fee for our services. Our compensation is calculated exclusively on a share of recovered costs or new savings generated by our services.


We at VBCRR serve our clients as third parties and remain independent of any affiliations We use non-intrusive processes and proprietary software to perform analysis and cause minimal interruption to day-to-day business We only partner with companies to efficiently identify, implement and manage expense reduction programs which are measurable and sustainable.


Our experts have over 60 years of combined hands-on industry experience Our technology provides significant improvements in financial performance of our customers

About our Company

VBCRR started inadvertently while we were all working with one of the key systems of record through which we observed revenue bleeding for the related clients. The complicated system had many loopholes that virtually led to many claims being unpaid for many reasons that necessitated this venture. With our deep understanding of both the front and backend systems, we saw an opportunity to help clients recover lost revenue that most didn’t even know it existed.

Our claims analyzer will examine your 837 files and provide immediate feedback as to how to improve your data processes, workflows and most importantly tell us where to look in your database(s) for lost data artifacts. Employees could be doing their jobs perfectly, but the complexity of the process fails them to the benefit of the payors.

Our results are and will be actionable, our system is transparent, empirical in nature and provides no disruption or little to no consumption of valuable staff time. Please give us a shot and perhaps we can reveal what you have been missing.

VBC Revenue Recovery Health - What we do?

The short answer to this question is "We will pay you to help improve your revenue cycle issues" by getting you paid on earned but unrealized revenue using our proven discovery process. We don't need a month to ramp up, you do not need to capitalize new hardware or software and we definitely don't need to disrupt your overburdened staff.We can give you legitimate and actionable answers on our very first day.

Our team of hospital administrators, physicians, clinical experts and software and database developers invested heavily over the last 10 years developing proprietary databases, algorithms, analytics and relational database analysis to identify missed revenue opportunities, documentation errors, data inadequacies and process mistakes at adversely affect financial performance of a healthcare organization. Our clients get “real time” analytics and informatics into their billing, collections, denials and staff productivity issues across the entire revenue cycle.

VBC Revenue Recovery aggregates disparate patient clinical and accounting data, payer remittances, collector workstation activity, and third-party information to proactively identify trends, bottlenecks and black hole accounts. Using a proprietary business rules engine, VBC Revenue Recovery enables business office staff to intelligently prioritize account follow-up activities and standardize best-practice workflows to maximize net revenue and cash acceleration. The solution also provides a collaborative platform for enterprise revenue cycle reporting and analysis, empowering both executives and analysts to monitor revenue cycle trends, benchmark performance across the organization, and drill down to the root causes of outliers and variances.


When it comes to health there should be no compromises. Protect yourself against unforeseen circumstances